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Offer at The Ritz Carlton Li Yen, Kuala Lumpur


From exclusive dining events to celebratory and seasonal menus, discover our collection of gastronomic experiences crafted with you in mind.
Home Delivery Takeaway The Ritz Carlton Li Yen, Kuala Lumpur
Exquisite Chinese Classics by Li Yen

Home Delivery & Takeaway

Dining at home is just as special now with Li Yen's delivery and takeaway service. Due to popular demand for our classic Chinese cuisine, Li Yen is offering a curation of specialities for your dining pleasure in the comfort of your home.
Let us bring to you our repertoire of signature dishes ranging from fine Hong Kong dim sum to freshly barbecued meats, finely crafted for your enjoyment.

Dim Sum of The Month

Dim Sum Chef Tan Tiong Guan continues to redefine the art of creating fine Hong Kong dim sum with monthly specials, bringing a distinctive touch to classic recipes and showcasing innovative creations at the same time. Choice seasonal ingredients are meticulously selected by Chef Tan to ensure that guests experience only the highest quality dim sum Li Yen is renowned for.