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  • Li Yen - Prawn Dish
Li Yen


From exclusive dining events to celebratory and seasonal menus, discover our collection of gastronomic experiences
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Li Yen Dining Area
Savour  The Exquisite Kurobuta

Li Yen brings to you the exquisite kurobuta - known as the Wagyu of the pork world, this heritage breed is prized for its flavour, juiciness and tenderness.


Executive Chinese Chef Alex Au and his stellar team has crafted seven noteworthy dishes highlighting this succulent meat, making full use of its intrinsic and distinctive flavours to provide a twist to a collection of Chinese classics including the tantalising Barbecued Kurobuta and the traditional Braised Pig's Ears in Chinese Master Stock.


Discover this highly regarded delicacy at Li Yen, available for a limited time only.

Chef Tan Tiong Guan
Dim Sum of The Month

Dim Sum Chef Tan Tiong Guan continues to redefine the art of creating fine Hong Kong dim sum with monthly specials, bringing a distinctive touch to classic recipes and showcasing innovative creations at the same time. Choice seasonal ingredients are meticulously selected by Chef Tan to ensure that guests experience only the highest quality dim sum

Li Yen is renowned for.

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