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Offer at The Ritz Carlton Li Yen, Kuala Lumpur


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Li Yen Tualang Prawns
November - December

Savour The Indulgent Tualang Prawns

Executive Chinese Chef Alex Au and his stellar team brings to you the exquisite Tualang Prawns - freshly delivered from Tanjung Tualang to the kitchen of Li Yen, this freshwater prawn is prized for its meaty flesh, with a texture that is an interesting blend of tender, springy and firm, with a natural, delicate sweetness.

For a limited time only, savour seven noteworthy dishes highlighting this succulent prawn including the 生虾面 - Fresh Tualang Prawn Noodles and the 避风塘炒 - Fragrant Stir-Fried Tualang Prawns with Garlic and Dried Chillies.

Available daily for dining in, delivery and takeaway.