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Menu at the Ritz Carlton Li Yen, Kuala Lumpur

Authentic Chinese Classics


À La Carte Menu

Savour a reimagined collection of authentic Chinese classics curated in harmony with the seasons from the authentic Chiu Chow cuisine to the traditional barbecued roast specialities that have graced discerning palates for decades.

Dim Sum Menu

Delight in a curated collection of the finest Hong Kong dim sum crafted by Dim Sum Chef Tan Tiong Guan, who specialises in handcrafting authentic and refined Hong Kong dim sum. Chef Tan displays a strong sense of passion and attention to detail especially when it comes to selecting premium ingredients that are used to create flavourful dim sum in Li Yen that diners have come to appreciate over the years.

Beverage Menu

Choose from our range of premium Chinese teas, Chinese rice wines aged up to 30 years, or the diverse collection of red and white wine to go with your meal.